Frequently Asked Questions


What is a 4bizcardz.com?

4bizcardz.com is a card management system that is open, fully searchable, and user-driven.


What does 4bizcardz.com do?

There are two primary functions of 4bizcardz.com:

1. 4BizCardz.com allows you to save all your business cards in one location and you can easily manage and share cards over multiple platforms

2. SEARCH for people. Find employees, service providers, colleagues and jobs. Locate old friends, former classmates, key decision makers or subject matter experts. Prospect for opportunities through others and connect with them directly.


How many people are on the 4bizcardz.com site?

New users are discovering and registering with us every day. We do not publish the exact number of users on our site at any given time; but we can tell you that we launched 4bizcardz.com with over 10,000 uploaded cards and we are growing very quickly.


Why would I use 4bizcardz.com?

4bizcardz.com is a secure, convenient and effective management tool for your cards and a worldwide directory of professionals located within a single portal. It is the only system that enables you to be searched and found through your actual scanned and uploaded business card. Anyone searching for a professional, an expert, an advisor, or a decision maker can usually find the person they're looking for in seconds.


How do I use 4bizcardz.com?

4bizcardz.com is simple and efficient. Go to the site, fill in the search fields with your criteria, and click search. Or, fill in the online form to publish your business card with as much or as little information as you like, then connect with other 4bizcardz.com users as appropriate. Build numerous contact networks, find suppliers and/or customers, and connect with business partners with no boundaries or barriers.


What information does 4bizcardz.com display?

That's the beauty of our platform - you can display as much or as little about as you like. The more you make searchable, the greater the likelihood you'll be found. However, if you choose to upload a business card, all information listed on your business card will be available for users.


Who will use 4bizcardz.com?

Everyone who uses business cards (over 66 million in the US alone and over 300 million worldwide)! Most of us also use email and the internet to connect with others. 4bizcardz.com combines these contact management tools to deliver a secure worldwide directory of professionals within a single website portal. Neat, huh!


Is my information protected?

We realize that privacy and security are very important concerns for anyone that uses the internet. 4bizcardz.com takes all reasonable precautions to keep your information safe and secure. You decide what information will be made publicly accessible.